Survivors of the Sun

Georgia was not a survivalist and she did not have a bug out plan. She was a happily married woman, at home with three children and their Boston Terriers.

In an instant everything changed. The power went off, and no-one knew why. By nightfall, Nathan, her husband had still not returned. In time, the water stopped running. With only three days of food left in the house and dwindling water supplies, she has no choice but to flee Kansas City.

Their world changes dramatically, entering a post-apocalyptic age, with looting, rioting 
and violence becoming the norm. As they escape across country, Georgia has to overcome her fears and keep her loved ones safe. Together they face heart-wrenching decisions as they encounter the inconceivable. 

Their journey leads them through a harsh new reality. The struggles and hardships that they endure, threaten their very existence, testing their loyalty, fortitude and love for each other in ways they could never have imagined.




5.0 out of 5 stars
Amazing Detail
August 28, 2018

​​​Survivors of the Sun: A post-apocalyptic thriller by Mia Kingslie was genuinely a pleasant surprise. Kinglsie writes with such ease and realism, this tense story about a horrifying situation feels so real, you might as well be experiencing everything along with the characters.

​The story opens with the main character Georgia on what seems to be an ordinary day in Kansas City, getting her kids ready, sending her lawyer husband off to work, then down to her studio for her own work.

What happens next is astonishing, and slowly and insidiously, the energy in the story shifts into a story of survival. This was fascinating to read, as Georgia figures out her best plan of action for survival. The author adds stark details that are both necessary and eye-opening.

The writing is natural and certainly conveys the gravity of the situation taking place in Kansas City and across the country. Unwittingly, Georgia becomes a heroine of the first order, her character and resolve a powerful reminder of the innate will to live. Strong recommendation for this one of a kind book.

Available in paperback, large print and in ebook format
 747 pages



C​​athy Northup

5.0 out of 5 stars

A well detailed EMP story !
February 23, 2019

What a refreshing story to read!

This author's novel was very exciting to read.. in fact, I slowed my reading down with it, so that I could enjoy what the story was about. I love the details of the small things that she includes in this book... and of how a family and friends struggle to travel to a safer place after something happens, that knocks out all modern technology.

The characters in this story are human.. and they make some mistakes.. but they learn and adapt to what they need to do to survive in their journey. I found the children.. ( gotta love Deedee ) enjoyable to read as they go from snot-nosed kids to caring preteens.

But by far, the best thing she did with this story, is the fact that there is no over-abusive use of Gangs, or Military takeovers. And where as she does use weapons in this book.. it is simply what it is.. a weapon, not something that a author can smother a story with, like so many other authors do now days with their books.

The ending of this book was very good.. I loved how she ended it.. and better still, there will be a book 2 for Georgia and her family. So I thank you Ms Kingslie for an awesome book.


Nomadic Reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars

Every Chapter Better Than The Last!
March 8, 2019

Solar flair, EMP, disaster and survival- the makings of a good book, but it’s how the author presents these to the reader that makes for an outstanding book.
Following this rag tag group of survivors as they trek across a dangerous landscape, learning skills and becoming a team was key to their survival. Ms Kingslie puts together a story of a family and later friendships that makes each chapter rememberable and better than the last. Well done author! I look forward to reading the next installment.

P.S. I must add I love stories that include our pets.